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Bay of Plenty Polytechnic offers a range of programmes and courses at different levels, each one classified by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) at a level from 1 to 10. The higher the level, the more complex and demanding the programme will be.

Find out more about our pathway programmes into higher qualifications:

New Zealand Immigration Adviser Refresher Course

If this applies to you, you must complete the New Zealand Immigration Adviser Refresher Course within 12 months of the licence application being lodged.

Youth Guarantee

Created specifically for people aged 16 to 19 the Youth Guarantee programme provides opportunity for new direction and the confidence to succeed.

Level: 1
Certificate in Work Skills (Supported Learning) Level 1

This is a very practical programme with classes and work experience used as learning tools to help you develop new skills. Modules include preparation for work, health, safety and wellness, personal identity and care, work experience and elective work and community skills.

Level: 2
New Zealand Certificate in English Language (General/Workplace/Academic) Level 2

The aim of this Level 2 programme is to provide you with an opportunity to increase your literacy, language and numeracy competence so that you can achieve your goals and support entry to the programme of your choice.

Certificate in Automotive Technology (Vehicle Servicing) Level 2

If you’re already working in the industry you can learn while you earn, studying the same programmes part-time, carrying out practical assessments in your workplace and attending occasional classes and block courses at our Windermere campus.

These courses are so flexible that you can switch from full-time to part-time and vice versa if you start or leave a job during the course.

Te Timatanga - Certificate in Tertiary Study Level 2

Designed for students and tairua of all ages, this programme opens the door to tertiary study by providing the skills and confidence needed to succeed at tertiary level study.

With plenty of tutor support, lots of class group work, interesting field trips and easy access to other support services, you will gain the confidence you need to move onto further tertiary courses.

Certificate in Trades Technology Level 2

This is an introductory, hands-on programme and will give you a qualification and the skills to make informed decisions on further training in the automotive, engineering, welding or carpentry trades.

National Certificate in Animal Care Level 2

You’ll enjoy a mix of classroom theory, animal handling, laboratory work, and off-campus training in a variety of animal care industries. Graduates can apply to enter the Certificate in Animal Handling Level 3 or apply for the National Certificate in Veterinary Nursing Level 5.

National Certificate in Business Administration & Computing Level 2

You'll learn a broad range of skills to contribute positively to business groups or teams and take courses in business administration services, business information and audio information processing, as well as computing, communication, customer service and employment skills.

National Certificate in Distribution Level 2

This is an ideal course for someone who is ready to grab a job in the busy and diverse logistics industry – no driver’s licence required.

This course is highly regarded and supported by the distribution industry, which means our graduates are quickly snapped up by employers who need keen, skilled employees.

National Certificate in Electrical Engineering Level 2

This free Level 2 Certificate is the essential first step in your career – a lot of content is covered in just 12 weeks.

You’ll learn about electrical circuits, making and measuring electricity, electrical skills and workplace practices.

Graduates can then continue on to the 22 week Level 3 Certificate.

National Certificate in Horticulture (Introductory) Level 2

You'll learn to identify a range of plants and study their lifecycles and functions. You'll also learn how fertilisers affect plant growth and how to control plant pests and diseases.

Level: 3
New Zealand Certificate in English Language (General/Workplace/Academic) Level 3

The aim of this free Level 3 programme is to provide you with an opportunity to increase your literacy, language and numeracy competence so that you can achieve your goals and support entry to the programme of your choice.

You’ll also go on field trips throughout the local area to help boost your confidence so you can fully participate in New Zealand society.

Certificate in Animal Handling (Rural & Conservation) Level 3

You’ll get the opportunity to care for a wide range of animals, fish, birds and reptiles which are housed at the Polytechnic’s animal centre.

Learn to monitor the health of horses and livestock, herd animals, drive tractors and all-terrain vehicles, and operate electric fencing.

Certificate in Carpentry Level 3

If you’re ready to start building something useful and durable, this one-year course is for you!

A student highlight is always working as part of a team building a house from scratch at our Windermere campus.

There is also plenty of foundational theory which is credited towards the first year of a standard four year carpentry apprenticeship.

Certificate in Commercial Road Transport Level 3

Bay of Plenty Polytechnic is the only place in the country offering this degree of training – it is the only provider with a full size training warehouse and yard plus a range of multi-tonne equipment for students to practice on.

Certificate in Computing Level 3

This course is designed for people with little or no previous computing experience who want to learn basic information technology concepts and skills.

It can open the door to new employment opportunities and paves the way towards higher level IT qualifications.

You’ll be taught to identify business needs and how to respond with creative IT solutions.

Ngā Ōkawa a Tangaroa - Certificate in Customary Fishing Level 3

The programme is offered through a blend of weekend wānanga and weekly tutorials on marae and within the customary harvesting environments. Weekly, small group tutorials provide an additional supportive learning environment. Enrolments from hapu and whanau groupings are encouraged.

Certificate in Engineering Level 3

This is a practical course which introduces core mechanical and fabrication engineering skills.

It gives those with lower secondary school qualifications a chance to learn all the skills that are normally part of a first year of an engineering apprenticeship.

Certificate in Fashion Studies (Apparel Manufacture) Level 3

With our purpose-built fashion facilities you’ll be learning in a spacious and up-to-date environment and from tutors who are experienced and well regarded in the industry. You’ll enjoy the practical nature of the programme and the opportunity to participate in design projects.

Certificate in Kiwifruit - Orchard Skills Level 3

As a worker you can sign up for this certificate at any time with the approval of your employer and you will be visited by a Bay of Plenty Polytechnic Assessor, on the job.

Certificate in Preparation for Law Enforcement Level 3

You’ll explore the way the police and justice system works, study the Treaty of Waitangi, develop your literacy, numeracy, and abstract reasoning skills, get assertiveness training, learn how to deal with aggressive people, and develop your first aid, computer and defensive driving skills.

Certificate in Welding Level 3

Welders have a vital role because they make, join and repair all the various metal parts of the machines and equipment we depend on every day.

This 17-week programme develops core theory and practical welding skills and offers valuable work experience opportunities at local businesses.

National Certificate in Beauty Services (Cosmetology) Level 3

You’ll learn to provide manicure and pedicure services, mini facials, eyelash tinting, eyebrow shaping and makeup applications.

Learn customer service and sales skills for a range of products including fragrance, hair care and men’s and women’s toiletries – as well as essential reception and cashiering skills which can be used in any service or retail role.

National Certificate in Business Administration & Computing Level 3

On completion of the programme you will walk away with a Certificate, ready to pursue all the business administration opportunities that are only open to people with up to date skills and knowledge.

National Certificate in Early Childhood Education and Care Level 3

This is an ideal course for people with low secondary school qualifications who want a taste of what the Early Childhood Education sector is like.

You’ll study five introductory courses over the 17 week semester.

National Certificate in Electrical Engineering Level 3

Successful completion of this 22 week Level 3 Certificate can help you get into a wide range of careers from residential and commercial construction, to industry safety inspection and planning and maintenance roles in large mills and power facilities.

National Certificate in Hospitality (Front Office) Level 3

This course also prepares you for further study towards more advanced travel and hospitality qualifications, and pathways into the Diploma in Tourism.

National Certificate in Motor Industry (Automotive Electrical & Mechanical Engineering) Light Vehicle Strand Level 3

Following on from the Level 2 Certificate, this Level 3 Certificate will expand on your technical skills in areas including automotive wiring, lighting, electronics, ignition and induction systems, electronic fuel injection, air conditioning, transmission servicing and repairs, engine and chassis repairs, brakes, steering and suspension.

National Certificate in Seafood Vessel Operations (Nautical Skills) - Advanced Deckhand (F) Level 3

The Advanced Deckhand (with Fishing Endorsement) course is the first step on the ladder to a qualification in the New Zealand fishing industry. This is a nationally recognised certificate and on meeting Maritime New Zealand requirements you can gain the Advanced Deckhand Fishing Endorsed qualification.

National Certificate in Tourism (Core Skills) Level 3

Our graduates work all over the world. If you have a love of people, places, cultures and adventure, study with us right here in the Bay - one of the fastest growing tourism regions in New Zealand.

National Certificate in Travel Level 3

You'll learn to make computerised reservations for national and international travel and accommodation, as well as a range of sales and communication skills. Topics include: world geography; travel industry terminology; employment legislation; quotation, reservation and documentation processes; and travel products and services like insurance and foreign exchange.

New Zealand Certificate in Food and Beverage Service with Barista & Café Services Strands Level 3

You'll be able to snap up one of the many hospitality opportunities available in the Bay and across New Zealand, or you can use this qualification as your ticket to work and travel around the world.

Level: 4
Culinary Arts to graduate with the New Zealand Certificate in Cookery Level 4

Students on this one-year programme learn to prepare, cook and present a wide range of hot and cold dishes in our purpose built kitchens, keeping in mind potential hazards and food safety requirements.

New Zealand Certificate in English Language (General/Workplace/Academic) Level 4

The aim of this free Level 4 programme is to provide you with an opportunity to increase your literacy, language and numeracy competence so that you can achieve your goals and support entry to the programme of your choice.

You’ll also go on field trips throughout the local area to help boost your confidence so you can fully participate in New Zealand society.

Certificate in Art and Design Level 4

This foundation course will help you figure out which discipline you want to focus on. You’ll study papers in NZ art history, drawing techniques, inter-media processes, fashion design, graphic design, painting, as well as 2D and 3D processes.

The April course is delivered under Tikanga Maori.

Certificate in Beautician and Cosmetology Level 4

You’ll learn how to provide cosmetic treatments like mini facials, eyelash tinting, eyebrow shaping and makeup applications, as well as manicures and pedicures.

Certificate in Fitness Level 4

How far can you go? Take this one year challenge and find out! This is a life-changing course – you’ll get fit, have heaps of fun and learn how to motivate everyone around you to live a better, healthier life.

Certificate in Foundation Studies (Pathway to Diploma/Degree) Level 4

The qualification allows you to improve your academic study skills, develop your reading and writing ability as well as helping you communicate competently in oral and written communications. It also helps develop skills to direct your own learning and allow you to work more autonomously.

Certificate in Health Care (with strands in Assistance or Advocacy) Level 4

With several study locations and start dates, this low-cost programme equips health care workers with the core skills they need to provide quality care. It’s an ideal course for people wanting to enter the health care sector, or for those already working in the industry who want to upskill.

Certificate in Radio Broadcasting Level 4

Our competitively priced year-long, level 4 programme provides you with the hands-on skills to get into radio, other areas of the media industry or further study. You’ll love the practical nature of the programme - being on air, doing promotions, interviews and making videos.

Kahikatea - Certificate in Social Service Studies Level 4

You’ll need to be resilient, empathetic, compassionate and selfless – keen to offer advice, advocacy and support to people with personal and social problems and to help resolve wider community social issues.

Topics include values, ethics, laws and responsibilities, cultural expectations and client needs.

National Certificate in Carpentry Level 4

We work alongside businesses to get the best out of their trainees, facilitating their apprenticeships, so they can get fully qualified.

National Certificate in Construction Trades (Supervisor) Level 4

This convenient one-year part-time course will teach you everything you need to know about leadership and all the vital paperwork and regulations every construction project depends on.

With the choice of online real-time classes or campus classes, held together twice a month, it’s an easy way to upskill and future-proof yourself.

National Certificate in Electrical Engineering (Electrician for Registration) Level 4

This practical and theory-based study programme includes the off-job unit standards that you complete during your apprenticeship training. All off-job units are included in Electrical Engineering Levels 2, 3 and 4 and you'll study both theory and practical subjects at the relevant level.

National Certificate in Horticulture Level 4

You’ll gain further in-depth knowledge and skills in plant science, pest and disease management and propagation. You’ll also learn pruning, revegetation, amenity landscaping and wider aspects like production systems and effective teamwork.

This is the place to start if you want a physical outdoor career with plenty of opportunities right here in the Bay.

National Certificate in Horticulture (Fruit Production Strand) Level 4

This cadetship course focuses on the fruit production process. It is run part-time to allow you work while you study. There will be no study during harvest so you’ll be free to continue working and earning during your busy times.

National Certificate in Horticulture Advanced (Fruit Production Strand) Level 4

This course is a ‘blended delivery’ programme, meaning you’ll attend the classes in person but submit all your coursework online. Many students continue on from the National Certificate in Horticulture Level 4, but we also offer this training as a short course. Watch students talking about this course on YouTube

National Certificate in Motor Industry (Automotive Electrical & Mechanical Engineering) Light Vehicle Strand Level 4

Designed to complement the skills learnt during the Polytechnic’s Level 3 Certificate, this programme teaches advanced diagnostic skills so apprentices can complete complex light vehicle repairs.

National Certificate in Real Estate (Salesperson) Level 4

You'll learn about the legal framework, marketing strategies, listing and selling, and you'll develop written and oral communication skills essential to success as a real estate professional in this field. You must complete this qualification before you can be registered as a real estate salesperson.