Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a study room?
Study room at the Atea

The libraries provide group study rooms for student use, each with a DVD player and a monitor. The rooms can be booked for up to 2 hours and the bookings are self-managed.

You can get a booking sheet from either library or else send an email to with your name, student ID, and the date and time you require the room.

How do I recommend a book I'd like the library to purchase?

Your input into the Ako Ātea library collection is valued and you're encouraged to recommend resources for the library to purchase.

How do I renew my book?

It's important to return or renew your books on time to avoid fees.

To renew your items log in to My Account then select the items you wish to renew and choose ‘Request Renewal’. Always check for the message in red text ‘Request Successful’. If you do not see this message, or see the status ‘Not Renewed’ then your items may be needed by another borrower, or you may have exceeded the maximum number of renewals (3 times).  Please ring 0800 TOI OHOMAI (86 36 36) ext. 7071 for more information.

Three renewals are allowed for standard 2 week loans.

The new loan periods starts from the date of renewal.

If you wish to keep the book after you have renewed it 3 times, bring the book back to the Help Desk and you may have it re-issued.

An item may not be renewed if another borrower has recalled or requested it.

How do I request or recall a book?

Search the Library Catalogue for the item you want.

  1. Click on the title to view the item record
  2. Select ‘Make a Request’ (blue button on the right)
  3. Enter your ID and last name and log-in
  4. Choose from these options:

Recall - For an item currently on loan that you require urgently (within the next 2 weeks).
Hold - For an item currently on loan that is non-urgent.
Hold Available - For an item that is available on the shelf that you want the staff to put aside for you.

5. Choose ‘Any copy’ or the copy you require from the drop down list
6. Choose a pick-up location
7. Enter your ID again
8. Click ‘Submit’
9. Check for the message ‘Your request was successful’

You will receive an email/text message when your item is available for pick-up.