Te Whare Hauora - Health Centre

Health Centre at Windermere Campus

Free Health Service

The Te Whare Hauora - Health Centre offers free healthcare and advice. Services include:

  • The treatment of minor injuries and health problems
  • Health screening (asthma, blood pressure, blood sugar checks)
  • Sexual health services (emergency contraception, pregnancy tests, STI checks, and smears)
  • Stress management
  • Support with mental health issues
  • Health education and awareness
  • Smoking cessation support

Download a full list of the services offered by the Te Whare Hauora - Health Centre (pdf, 221kb), and be sure to check out our list of Community Support Services.

Every student is eligible for a discount voucher worth up to $25 to use at most medical centres in the Tauranga area. To collect a voucher please come to the Te Whare Hauora - Health Centre for an assessment by the Kaitiaki Nurse

If you don't have a doctor we can send you to Cameron Medical Clinic. Enrolment can be made during the first visit.

Contact the Health Centre for more information.

Health Centre Timetable (subject to change)

Health Professional Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Kaitiaki Nurse: Windermere 8.30-4pm 8.30-4pm 8.30-4pm 8.30-4pm 8.30-4pm
Kaitiaki Nurse: Bongard   10am-2pm 
(term time only)

Physio: Victor

8am-12pm 1pm-5pm     8am-12pm
Physio: Anna
1pm-5pm     8am-11am  
Counsellor (Windermere only)   10am-1pm      


Bay Counselling has a contract with Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology to provide free, confidential counselling services where you can discuss personal or academic issues affecting your life. 

The counsellors are available at Windermere during term time (see timetable above) or you can make your own appointment with Bay Counselling directly Monday to Friday 8.00am–5:30pm.

Bay Counselling is at 68 Tenth Ave and you'll need your student ID to confirm an appointment. You can call them on 07 578 0959.

To make an appointment: The nurse at the Te Whare Hauora - Health Centre can make an appointment for you and can be contacted on 07 557 8756 or 027 618 9997. The Kaitiaki Nurse can also make an appointment for you at Bay Counselling on 10th Ave.

Each student is entitled to 3 free sessions and if more help is needed the counsellor will refer you to the appropriate service. Please give 24 hours notice if cancelling so that another student can book in your place.


We have a range of support services on offer. Visit our Equity/Disability page for details.

Family Planning

The Family Planning nurse is no longer available on campus however Family Planning at 74 Tenth Ave can be contacted on 07 578 8539. They operate a number of ‘drop-in’ clinics and you can also book appointments. Te Whare Hauora – Health Centre here on campus can help with a number of sexual health services so call in and have a chat with one of our Kaitiaki Nurses.

Health FAQ

Got a health related question? Want to know where the cheapest dentist is in town?

We've got some of the answers in our Health FAQs.


This service is a free service that is provided by Body in Motion at the Windermere campus. Every student needs a referral from the Kaitiaki Nurse. Read our frequently asked questions related to health, including physiotherapy.

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