Contact the International Team

The International Team is available to assist overseas students with academic and pastoral support including applications, consultation on academic records and qualification equivalence, interviews and enrolments, and accommodation and transport.

The team also organises regular social events to give students opportunities to meet and socialise.

The International Team is located at Windermere in W91 and at Bongard in DT142.

Meet the Team

Pam SimpsonPam Simpson, International Pastoral Care Coordinator

Email the Team
Telephone: ++64 7 571 0190 ext. 8511
Mobile Phone Available 24-hours: ++64 27 554 4989

Pam can help you with pastoral care, visa application and homestay.

Charlie HarcombeCharlie Harcombe, International Admissions Coordinator

Email the Team
Telephone: ++64 7 571 0190 ext. 8932

Charlie can help you with application/enrolment and visa application.


Brett MuirBrett Muir, International Liaison

Email the Team
Telephone: ++64 7 571 0190 ext. 8993
Mobile Phone (Office hours) ++64 27 423 6956

Brett is our external liaison with agents and prospective students.


We aim to help you when problems occur and assist you in knowing and exercising your rights. We do three things on a personal and private basis:

  • We listen to the problem
  • We assist you with advice on the options you have
  • We offer you support

Ako Awe

Ako Awe provides a range of high quality, friendly and free services. The team can make your tertiary experience a more positive one. No-one can guarantee your success, but improving and enhancing your academic skills can make your studies easier. Ako Awe provides help with things like essay writing, stress management, referencing, computing skills, maths, and much more.

Information Centre

The Information Centre staff can help you with information about programmes, making your best choice and your application.