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Welcome to Bay of Plenty Polytechnic - Te Kuratini o Poike. We’re committed to helping you reach your potential through supported learning, inspired teaching and programmes that provide what you - and industry - really need.

Passionate about their industries, their students and their programmes, our tutors are hand picked to ensure our students get only the very best.

Hands-on learning

We offer a unique, dynamic and hands-on learning environment where you can discover your strengths and potential. Our classes tend to be quite small, so as a student you’ll get lots of personal attention and support. It's a place where you’ll build lifelong relationships with like-minded students and passionate staff while making essential industry contacts. We'll foster and nurture your talents, and help you reach your personal and professional potential whether you're a student or staff member. 

 photo of students around a tutor in a carpentry workshop

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We have four schools of study: Applied Science, Applied Technology, Business Studies and Design & Humanities

We offer:

  • 101 full programmes (40+ credits)
  • 45 short awards (1-39 credits)

Learning by doing - our students...


For the last decade, year after year, the Polytechnic’s financial performance has been very sound. We continually aim to improve our teaching and learning environment to meet and exceed industry standards; and we strive to develop institutional and staff capabilities for the future.

Key figures for 2013:

  • $1,546,000 surplus
  • $100,095,000 total assets
  • $25,084,000 government funding
  • $11,790,000 student tuition fee income
  • $4,392,000 other income

Did you know?

There’s so much to share about Bay of Plenty Polytechnic, so here are just a few of the things that make us special.

Photo of three fashion models in a row
  • 90% student satisfaction
  • Students can study architecture abroad in Denmark via our exchange programme
  • We’ve got the only engineering facility of its kind in NZ, the best in the Southern Hemisphere
  • Our staff and students participate in art, graphic design and fashion exhibitions each year
  • The Polytechnic's facilities span more than 23ha of land
  • We have 3 training kitchens
  • There are 20 bbq tables all over campus, painted by students each year
  • We have our own recording studio
  • There's 24 hour security on campus
  • We have the only rowing lactate measuring machine in the North Island
  • Disney comes here to recruit students for its internship programme in the US

What's it like, learning at the Polytechnic?

Because of our diverse range of programmes, learning can be quite different here at the Polytechnic depending on what you study. Every programme has its theoretical content, which is usually taught in a classroom. Most of our courses are very applied in nature and involve hands-on components; you could spend time in a beauty salon, an automotive workshop, in a server room, or out on the ocean. One thing’s for sure. As a student we’ll give you all the support you need to succeed.

Photo of auto engineering tutor with student by a car

What's the teaching & learning philosophy?

At Bay of Plenty Polytechnic the needs of our learners are paramount and everything we do is based on that. In practice this means that tutors make the effort to identify the students' preferred learning styles and try to match those with the theoretical and practical requirements of the courses they teach.

The result:
A variety of teaching methods, strategies and tools that meet the many different learning styles and needs of students to enhance their progress and achievement. These include lectures, tutorials, demonstrations, laboratory sessions, workshops, mentoring, peer work, group work, work experience, controlled and uncontrolled assessments, and role play.

We believe:

  • good teaching is centred on the student, motivates and facilitates learning, encourages discovery and problem solving, and celebrates successes
  • good teachers 'know their stuff', continue to keep up to date and have outstanding facilitation skills
  • good teaching is about 'transformation' – so rather than just adding to what students already know, it’s about transforming existing knowledge and creating new knowledge together

In our definition, good teaching is about effective engagement between teachers and students, and quality relationships between them. To achieve this, our teachers are committed to getting to know their students, their names, histories, experiences, fears and goals, as well as sharing some of their own experiences.

tutor with students in class

Learning Support

Ako Awe provides a range of services to our students, supporting all aspects of learning from study skills and academic writing to computer literacy and CV preparation.

Disability Service is here to assist with support, information and resources including reader/writer assistance, note taking services, information, specialised equipment and adaptive technology, and specialised tutoring.

The libraries at each of our main campuses provide a wide range of resource materials (books, databases, magazines, subject guides, audio tapes, CD ROMs and more). If it’s out there, we can get it for you.

Online Learning

Our online learning environment Moodle is a one-stop student learning shop - an integral part of many programmes making information and materials available online.

Teaching Support

Pikiarero – the Teaching and Learning Development Centre supports tutors in developing excellence in teaching through provision of professional development, foundation learning initiatives and resource development.

Teaching evaluations run every year, and dedicated professional development for each tutor is available to ensure they remain at the top of their game.