Business Administration Student Profiles

Stacey Warren
Business Administration graduate, Stacey Warren
Graduate: National Certificate in Business Administration & Computing Level 2
Employed: 1st Call Recruitment, Tauranga

After working as a hairdresser for several years and travelling the world on a super yacht, Stacey Warren decided that it was time for a career change. She came to the Polytechnic to take her first step in a new direction.

“I’d just come back from travelling and wanted to start a new career. Before I went away I’d been helping my boss at the salon where I used to work, doing some admin work. I realised I needed a qualification to back up what I wanted to do. The Polytechnic had the exact course I was after – it basically covered everything I wanted to learn.”

After completing the Level 2 programme Stacey was keen to continue studying and gain the Level 3 Certificate however a job opportunity came along that was too good to miss, so Stacey went straight into the workforce.

“Two weeks before the Level 3 programme was due to start, I had a job interview at 1st Call Recruitment. Two days later I was offered the job. It was hard to make the decision between continuing on with study - which I was really enjoying, and grabbing the job while it was on offer. In the end, I grabbed it.”

Stacey loves her job at 1st Call Recruitment and is grateful for opportunities to move forward in her role.

“I’ve only been here a short time but I’ve already been able to progress and expand my role. I have now taken over our large payroll looking after our temps throughout the country and will soon be moving into accounts as well.”

“I definitely made the right choice in completing the certificate; before I did the programme I was applying for lots of jobs and not getting anywhere. The programme covered everything that I’m actually doing at my work.”


Written On: Monday, 27 May 2013
Ivy Ormsby
Business Admin graduate Ivy Ormsby
Graduate: National Certificate in Business Administration & Computing Level 3
Employed: Programme Administrator, Bay of Plenty Polytechnic

“Gaining this qualification has given me the confidence to believe I can be the professional administrator I want to be,” says Ivy Ormsby of the National Certificate in Business Administration and Computing Level 3. 

Bubbly and enthusiastic, it’s hard to imagine Ivy needing a confidence boost, but she is adamant studying at Bay of Plenty Polytechnic has kick-started her career.

“I have been incredibly impressed by the professionalism of this institution – the staff, environment and resources. I have had nothing but positive experiences here surrounded by supportive and friendly people.”

Ivy believes there were significant benefits to studying this qualification. Having thought she knew everything there is to know about Microsoft Office, she was astounded by how much she didn’t know.

Ivy says she can now use all the Microsoft applications at an expert level and has learnt how to create professional documentation. Her organisational skills have improved and she feels she is a worthy candidate for any administrative role as a result of her studies.

“I highly recommend studying this course to anyone interested in working in an administrative role. The tutors really want you to succeed. They were patient and explained everything at a pace you could keep up with. Their goal was to make sure you are well-prepared for any office job.”

Wife and mother of three, this former Wellington resident relocated to the Bay with her family for a lifestyle change.  She is thrilled with their decision; she is in love with the lifestyle and the constant optimistic attitude she finds in the people.

To cap it off, upon completing the qualification, she was offered an Administrative Support Internship at Bay of Plenty Polytechnic. “It’s so awesome working here. At first it was a bit freaky going from being a student to a staff member, but I’m used to it now. It’s a great job and it fits in really well with my busy family life.”

Written On: Friday, 18 March 2011
Shea Jones
Business Admin graduate Shea Jones
Graduate: National Certificate in Business Administration & Computing Level 3
Employed: Pathology Associates / Pathlab BOP Ltd, Tauranga

Twenty one year old Shea Jones is a girl with a mission! She has caught the study bug after successfully completing the National Certificate in Business Administration and Computing Level 3 followed by the Level 4, which she completed part-time during the evenings. Her next goal is the Bay of Plenty Polytechnic Diploma in Business Level 5 (Administration and Computing) programme.

This motivated young woman doesn’t like to waste any time and prefers studying hard to further her career and gain higher qualifications.

“I love studying. I like to keep my brain active. I get too bored at home and I think it’s a good time for me to get qualifications behind me while I’m young.”

Once a self-confessed quiet and shy girl, Shea is now bursting at the seams with confidence and drive to succeed. She loves her Accounts Payable position at Pathlab in Tauranga and enjoys the buzz of studying alongside full-time work.

“I absolutely love my job. I still wake up every morning and look forward to going to work! I love the people and the job. I really enjoy the end result of my work at the end of each day. I get a lot of positive feedback from my boss as well which is really encouraging.”

Shea believes doing the Business Administration programme has been extremely beneficial to her success in her job.

“I learnt a lot that has been really useful. When I first started studying I was really nervous and scared to ask questions but as I got to know how helpful the tutors were, I relaxed and got used to being out of my comfort zone."

“The course content was very relevant. They showed us everything to do with working in an office, as well as handy basics like filling out cheques and deposit forms and writing professional correspondence which I use all the time in my job.”

Dedicated and studious, Shea says the highlight of completing her qualification was Graduation.

“Going out on stage in front of everyone to get my certificate was awesome. I felt really proud of myself that I made it!”

Written On: Tuesday, 18 May 2010
Vivienne Woledge
Business Admin graduate Vivienne Woledge
Graduate: National Certificate in Business Administration & Computing Level 3
Employed: Working at Cronin Cullen Egan Limited

After a year of being unemployed,  Vivienne Woledge decided to brush up on her skills to ensure she was ready to offer employers a fresh and up-to-the-minute skill set.

Coming to Bay of Plenty Polytechnic was a no-brainer for the former Tauranga local. “It was an obvious choice for me – the ability to study and still be close to home.”

Not content to just undertake one programme of study, this hardworking lady enrolled in Business Administration & Computing Level 3 and Business Administration Level 4 to keep one step ahead of the competition.

Vivienne took to study like a duck to water and said her ‘mature age’ didn’t seem to make any difference to how she was accepted by her fellow students.

“Rather than being a barrier, the age difference added value. I always felt accepted by the other students and it was a great learning experience – I even made new friends!”

Teaching staff also earned high praise from Vivienne. “The tutors made me feel comfortable and were really helpful,” said Vivienne. “They had so much knowledge and expertise in their different fields; they explained all the theory really patiently.”

While studying two programmes at once was not easy (“twice as much homework!”), Vivienne thought it was worth the hard work. “I loved the challenge and I’m even thinking of enrolling in the New Zealand Diploma in Business next!”

Vivienne also says that her tutors at the Polytechnic were instrumental in gaining her much-loved job at Cronin Cullen Egan Ltd. “I really like my new job – it keeps my mind active and there are no dull moments. It’s such a busy company, there’s no time to be bored.”

With a fair amount of work experience under her belt, Vivienne has a parting comment for people thinking of studying at the Polytechnic. “No one company is ever the same – different processes, different programmes etc. The Polytech programme gives you a really good grounding and covers a multitude of essential skills. And, after all, what is one year in the scale of your life time?”

Written On: Thursday, 18 March 2010

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