Standards of Training Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers

Want to work on a super yacht, cruise ship, oil rig, merchant vessel or in the commercial maritime industry? You'll need industry certification first as it's an international safety requirement.

There's no sea time involved and if you do all five courses it takes just a week to complete. This is the 2010 amended version of STCW95.

Content Details

If you do all five courses you’ll start the week with a two day Personal Survival Techniques (sea survival) course, so remember to bring your swimming gear on the first day.

The rest of the week will be spent learning and practicing how to prepare and use self-contained breathing apparatus (BA) while extinguishing fires; learning about fire science and fire prevention; and personal safety and social responsibilities (PSSR) within the maritime industry.

Security Awareness Training is available for all personnel employed or engaged on board ships to which the I.S.P.S. code applies.

You’ll finish with a two day comprehensive first aid course which align with the unit standards 6400, 6401 and 6402, or unit standards 6400, 26551 and 26552.

You’ll also enjoy free access to our pool and gym facilities while you study with us.

You need to be fit and capable of completing the physical training in our 25m heated pool and our purpose-built fire training facility, and provide, on your first day, a current medical certificate signed by a general practitioner stating you are fit to undertake these physical activities. Refer to the entry criteria below to download the form.

Courses can be completed individually so if you don't need to do all 5 you can elect to complete only those you need.

  1. STCW Personal Survival Techniques
  2. STCW Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting
  3. STCW Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities
  4. STCW Security Awareness Training
  5. STCW Elementary First Aid

Refresher Training

If you are already qualified, from 1 January 2017 you may require refresher training as your current certification is only valid for five years. The following refresher courses are available:

  1. STCW Refresher in Personal Survival Techniques
  2. STCW Refresher in Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting
  3. STCW Refresher in Elementary First Aid

These are run in conjunction with our main STCW delivery and the same timetable applies however you may be eligible for a refresher training discount – please contact us for more information.

Download the STCW timetable (pdf, 205kb)


Download the pdf of start dates for the individual STCW courses (pdf, 205kb) or call our Information Centre on 0800 86 46 46.

The dates below are for the 5 individual courses offered together over one week.

8 May 2017Full-timeTauranga (Windermere Campus)7 days
12 Jun 2017Full-timeTauranga (Windermere Campus)7 days
3 Jul 2017Full-timeTauranga (Windermere Campus)7 days
7 Aug 2017Full-timeTauranga (Windermere Campus)7 days
4 Sep 2017Full-timeTauranga (Windermere Campus)7 days
9 Oct 2017Full-timeTauranga (Windermere Campus)7 days
13 Nov 2017Full-timeTauranga (Windermere Campus)7 days
4 Dec 2017Full-timeTauranga (Windermere Campus)7 days

Indicative Fees

2017 STCW Security Awareness $258.00

2017 STCW Personal Survival $544.00

2017 STCW Personal Safety and Social Responsibility $128.00

2017 STCW Basic Firefighting $824.00

2017 STCW Elementary First Aid $204.00

The fee shown for domestic students is applicable to New Zealand citizens and permanent residents. If an international fee is not listed above please refer to the international fees page. All fees are indicative only and subject to change.

You MAY be eligible for a StudyLink Student Loan for your tuition fees.

Find out if your programme qualifies by visiting the Studylink website.

If you also need to pay course related costs, i.e. if outlined in programme costs above, you need to apply separately to StudyLink (up to $1,000/academic year for eligible students). Note course related costs are paid directly into your bank account by StudyLink and you will be required to pay this to Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology.

Qualifications Gained

Upon successful completion of each course you will receive the relevant certificate of competency in:

  • STCW Personal Survival Techniques
  • STCW Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting
  • STCW Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities
  • STCW Security Awareness Training
  • STCW Elementary First Aid

Career Opportunities

This is a Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) accredited certification which meets international requirements to help safeguard the lives of crews and passengers.

Potential employers Include:

  • Cruise ships
  • Fishing vessels
  • Super yachts
  • Oil rigs
  • Commercial vessels

Entry Criteria

  • You must be fit and capable of undertaking training for sea survival and fire fighting. You will be required to swim in a pool with and without a lifejacket and stay afloat (tread water) while wearing clothing
  • You will be required to provide, on your first day, a current medical certificate signed by a general practitioner stating you are fit to undertake these physical activities. Download the medical certificate.
  • For refresher training you will need a current medical certificate and a Sea Service letter completed by your employer. Download the Sea Service letter template (pdf, 160kb). This must be provided on enrolment for a Refresher discount to be applied.