Safety and Security

Windermere and Bongard Campuses are both safe environments. Security systems are in operation at both campuses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure your personal safety and the protection of your property.

Security also have a jumpstart pack for flat batteries and in the evenings, security officers can provide an escort to your car.

Security Phone Numbers:

0800 267 7659 ext. 8777 or

027 55 44 975 (Windermere)
027 55 44 977 (Bongard)

The Windermere Campus Security Team are located in P1 and P2. If you need someone in person and the security office is unattended, lift the handset by the entrance to P2. There's no need to dial anything - it will automatically divert through to their cellphone.

Bongard Security is located in the main reception area.

Emergency Phone Numbers:

Windermere Bongard
From a landline 88 111
From a mobile 07 557 8888 111

Tips for Staying Safe on Campus

The campuses are generally safe places to be, but as with anywhere it pays to use common sense to ensure you don't find yourself in a situation you'd rather not be in. Here are some suggestions for keeping yourself safe on campus:

  • Call Security when you're at Windermere after hours to let them know you're here. Once you're registered one of the team will check on you every hour.
  • If you're studying after hours, especially at night, keep the door closed and locked so people passing through the grounds can't wander in and surprise you.
  • Call Security to be escorted to and from your car after dark.
  • At 5.15pm every weekday all the campus doors go onto autolock, meaning you won't be able to open any door without a card. If you've left your card at home stop in and see Security. They have a database that outlines where everyone's allowed to be, and can give you access to where you need to go.
  • LOSE IT OR LOCK IT! With such a friendly atmosphere here on campus, it's easy for us all to feel like we're safer than we are. Leave your valuables at home if you can and if you must bring them in, don't leave them unattended. It takes just seconds for someone to swipe your bag/phone/laptop - and the resulting expense and inconvenience lasts much longer.
  • Stay alert if you're walking round the grounds in the dark. Avoid wandering around in the dark wearing your headphones. Just common sense really!

Health & Safety Procedures

To comply with the Health and Safety Act 1992 and its amendments, students have a responsibility to ensure their own safety and the safety of others, at all times. Please read the Healty & Safety on Campus page for more information.