Financial Support and Scholarships

Student on the phone with a credit card


On 5 December the Government announced its policy of ‘fees-free’ for students who are starting tertiary education for the first time in 2018.

For more information please visit our Fees-free 2018 information page. 

All of our full-time programmes qualify for student loans and allowances through StudyLink and many of our part-time programmes qualify for student loans too.

If you need help applying, the Information Centre Advisors run weekly workshops and provide one-on-one assistance.

Find out more about Student Loans and Allowances.

Student Hardship Services

Ako Ātea offers a variety of services to students. If you're experiencing financial difficulties which are impacting on your ability to attend classes we may be able to help with referrals to the Foodbank, or transport vouchers.

To be eligible to apply for vouchers, you need to have been attending your course for at least 3 weeks. Foodbank referrals may be given earlier. Please contact the Ako Ātea staff at the Windermere Campus or Bongard Campus. This service is available to eligible Toi Ohomai students only.


Scholarships and grants are another way of helping you meet fees, course-related costs and living expenses. We’ve got a great range of scholarships and grants – and they’re for all sorts of people, not just the ‘straight A’ students.

View the full list of scholarships.

Youth Guarantee Programme

The Youth Guarantee programme offers fees-free training for 16-19 year olds, across a range of programmes. It's a great opportunity to figure out the way forward, particularly if education has been challenging so far.

Find out more on our Youth Guarantee page.